Posted by: John | September 16, 2014


If you don’t benda
your agenda,
you could enda.

Posted by: John | September 11, 2014

Under Canopy

Skydiving. I’ve made eight static line jumps and one tandem free fall. So I’ve been under canopy.

I’d like to be under canopy,
just the sky and me.
Think of all I’d see.
Maybe then I’d be free.

Posted by: John | September 10, 2014

Webster’s Days

During meditation, the first thing to come out of a crack between thoughts is usually a metaphor:

In the time before Google
when Webster was king,
it took much longer
to find anything.

Posted by: John | September 9, 2014

Pushing the Broom

Here I go pushing
the thoughts aside
thru my kaleidoscope mind
on a magic carpet ride
to my third eye
in the sky

Posted by: John | September 1, 2014


In every human endeavor
it seems the means
becomes more important
than the end.
We evolve faced
with challenges –
physical or
mental or
spiritual –
then a control freak
emerges, demands
things be done his way.
Everyone else follows –
out of fear or
laziness or
whatever –
until someone seeks
another way.
There begins a revolt
with new answers.
And on and on and on.
We lose track
of the end.

Posted by: Lisa | August 31, 2014


Here’s another little poem co-authored with John:

Hindsight is seldom
a kind sight,
but it can be
if our mind is right

Posted by: Lisa | August 30, 2014


Today’s post is a photo and a poem inspired by the photo, both by Brother Gordon James, CoS Cam., who is a friend and my Brother in the Community of Solitude.

by Br. Gordon James, CoS Cam.

She stands
turned toward
the horizon of God

Back to the world
hidden in habit
unseen in seeing

Praying yesterday’s
today for tomorrow
silent she listens

To all that
was is and
ever will be

A life
joy full
of The Cross


balcony pic

Posted by: John | August 29, 2014


Woke up briefly
at midnight,
realized it’s Friday.
A nail. Yep.
Friday’s a nail.
We hang the past
week on Friday.

Posted by: Lisa | August 13, 2014


Toys or God:
That’s the choice.
Both allure
but only One
will endure.
Shiny gifts
in our hands,
one, plus more -
love outpoured.
God waits to see
what our choice will be.
With a smile
God keeps giving
’til we say, “Lord,
all I want is Thee.”
Then, we know:
We have All.

Posted by: John | July 30, 2014

Soaring Prayer

May our spirits soar on cloudstreets of compassion.

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