Posted by: John | May 29, 2015


Wisdom is the answer to WTF.

Many geezers are deafsters
but deafsters may not be geezers.

When you’re in God’s hands
you just have to accept it.
Really accept.

Posted by: John | May 18, 2015

Grace Please

Need some grace:
I’m out-of-place
in cyberspace.
I’ve lost the race
with too much haste.

Posted by: John | May 12, 2015

Start Your Day

You could improve
the smileage of your day
if you start it
with prayer and meditation.

Posted by: Lisa | May 11, 2015

Look, It’s Okay

God never leads us astray
no matter how confusing
the journey seems at times.

Parts of the path that appear
as detours or even serious errors
reveal themselves as rhymes.

These necessary places teach
lessons we could never learn elsewhere
and cost less than two dimes.

They hold the seeds of healing,
invaluable indeed, so we cannot
count them as snares or crimes.

If not today, then someday for sure
we’ll look back and see those spots
grew not lemons but sweet limes.

See? It’s Okay.

Posted by: Lisa | May 9, 2015


The tomb and the womb are one
and the same vessel — dark
and watery in their promises:
Holding for a time, cradling
that which journeys onward.
Sometimes cool and
sometimes boiling, new life
waits and listens, absorbs
sounds outside, in the unknown
territory — so vast and multi-
hued in imagination, endless
in possibilities.

Birth.  Where,
doesn’t matter. When, is
never soon enough it seems.

Freedom beckons to the tune
of distant chiming bells and joyous
voices heard amid tall pines,
their feet strewn with cones — each
one full to overflowing with seeds,
with love, on the path of life.
Even dry bones hold a record
and point toward a fresh tomb
of mother earth.

Posted by: John | May 8, 2015


My weird-shit ways:
Most people take a thought and try to find words.
I take a word and try to find a thought.

Posted by: John | May 7, 2015

The Dead & The Living

We all have respect for those who know things we don’t.
That’s why everyone respects the dead.
They know things we don’t.


With my third eye I can fly.
I’m in my mind’s sky.


And so another day begins.
Will I again be browbeaten brainless
by bean counters and bullshit artists?
Will the means for everything
become more important than the end?

Posted by: John | May 6, 2015

Just Me

Sometimes when meditating
I feel I’m where I should be.
No sensory inputs, just me.
Then I have to pee.

Posted by: John | April 25, 2015

Here I Go

So here I go again:
Trying to use a net of words
to capture a thought
as to what it’s all about.

Posted by: John | April 24, 2015


So sue me sang the soothsayer.
I gave no guarantees.

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