Posted by: John | April 25, 2015

Here I Go

So here I go again:
Trying to use a net of words
to capture a thought
as to what it’s all about.

Posted by: John | April 24, 2015


So sue me sang the soothsayer.
I gave no guarantees.

Posted by: John | April 23, 2015


Everything and everyone
has to be somewhere
if they are.
If they aren’t
they can’t.

Posted by: John | April 20, 2015


Life, it often seems,
is a matter of arranging the to-sees:
the had to-sees,
the bad to-sees
and the glad to-sees.
Do you see?

Posted by: John | April 19, 2015

Look Within

Many times when doing a simple task involving assorted items, I will think I have misplaced something only to find it right under my nose. Metaphorically, I think this could be true in spiritual practices as well. We look elsewhere for answers to our questions rather than within ourselves. This may be the allure of the hermit life. Being alone with ourselves and with God must have many advantages.

Posted by: John | April 16, 2015

Bite and Chew

If you bite off more
than you can chew
you choke
or spit something out.

Posted by: John | April 15, 2015

The Question

Some things bother and worry me.
Others just puzzle me.
I don’t know where to put the question:
Is the Geico gecko transsexual?

Posted by: John | April 1, 2015

What We’ve Got

We have to do
what we do
with what we’ve got
or we’ll have not.

Posted by: John | March 23, 2015


Driving cancer patients
to and from their medical treatment,
I’m rewarded in surprising ways:
Whatever may be wrong in my life,
it’s not like what’s bothering them.
I’ve yet to hear a complaint.
Wearing their chemo cammies,
I’m struck by the firm look
of resolution on their faces.

Posted by: Lisa | March 22, 2015

The Switch

My damned self-destruct switch
is always flipped On —
but thankfully, I see
it’s on a smooth dimmer.
Yes, I can dim the brutal,
insistent glare any time.

Now is a good time

Though the effect never lasts,
and I’m haunted by the past,
I’ll continue to dial down
the harshness — and breathe

Because sunglasses lie

Persistence sneaks past fear
and one day soon, I’ll hear
the switch click at last to Off.

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