Posted by: John | August 30, 2015

Let Go

The psalmist said, “Be still and know that I am God.”
It’s even harder to Let go and let God.

Posted by: John | August 28, 2015


Since we’re all getting off the train at the same station
why are some of us in such a hurry?

Does a seeker know she will never find what she is seeking?
Does she care?
Nevertheless —
she remains a light in the darkness.

Posted by: John | August 23, 2015


While chasing yawns with deep breaths, I wondered:
When and where was the first WTF written on a cave wall?
Like-minded lichens gather together on the rock of time.

Posted by: John | August 10, 2015

We Justify

What we can’t classify we deify.
That’s the way we justify.
But does that really rectify?

Posted by: John | August 5, 2015

Okay to Be

I don’t want to be a celebrity.
I just want to see what’s wrong
and what’s right with me.
Then it’s okay to be.

Posted by: John | August 4, 2015

This Game

Everyone needs a scapegoat:
Someone to float their boat,
Someone to blame for all their shame.
The Nazis had the Jews;
The rednecks have the blacks.
Is life a game of jacks?

Posted by: John | July 31, 2015

The Real Reason

Why did the chicken cross the road?
That’s where the rooster was.

Posted by: Lisa | July 30, 2015

Heaven Is

Guess what I saw?
I know this experience:
There is no door
to the seemingly
elusive heaven.
It’s right here,
right now.
Heaven is that moment
right between life
and death,
the moment right
before orgasm.
It’s not a negation
of life or of death.
You might even hear
the ambulance siren.
I know I do.

Posted by: Lisa | July 29, 2015


Oh, you know it’s true:
You can do whatever
you want with your life,
be whatever
you want to be!

Really? Bullshit!
Each person has strengths
and weaknesses.
Help me see mine.
Give me guidelines.
Show me the structure
that houses my potential.
From there, I can bloom;
I am free.

Posted by: John | July 1, 2015

Recent Ramblings

Karma is a bitch so I itch.

A pancake is just a way to get syrup down your throat.

Looked out my window at 3:00 A.M.
Saw the full moon floating
thru some scattered stratus:
God’s graffiti.

To me nothing better displays the power of God than a thunderstorm.
We understand the causes and the forces, but during the storm itself,
we can only watch in wonder and respect from a safe place.
Then when it’s all over, the peace of God returns.

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